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High School Edge Training

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2023 Edge High School Training

The Hockey Factory Edge High School Training is a summer athletic program aimed at the individual development of hockey players. We focus on individual development that players need to succeed at the team game. This is functional athletic hockey training at its finest for youth hockey players. Our practices focus on having high end players consistently compete against one another.

High School Edge Training Birth Years: 2009-2005

Cost: $100

2023 Summer Dates

Every Thursday starting 7/6 through 8/24 from 6:50pm-7:50pm

(Dates 7/20 & 8/17 is 7:50pm-8:50pm & 8/24 is at 9:10pm)


Kevin Colieen: St. Mary's Springs High School Coach

Zach Wilson: Hockey Factory Lead Instructor/Kohlman Cup Coach

Tom Glomski: Marian University Head Coach

Skating Emphasis

  • Pivots
  • Technique
  • Body Positioning
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Footwork
  • Explosion
  • Acceleration

Puck Emphasis

  • Time and Space
  • Puck perception
  • Playing through the game/not around it
  • Puck confidence
  • Puck game control
  • Hand positioning
  • Body positioning 
  • Body Technique

Workout Emphasis

  • Conditioning 
  • Strength
  • Quickness
  • Form
  • Technique