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Hockey Factory Madison July/August Edge membership Overview

The McFarland Summer Edge Training Program is a 7 Week program. That maximizes time on ice, and player development. The Edge Program consists of two camp Days a week, and three night Skates a week. Camp Days when not on the ice the mornings will consist of working out, and shooting classes. Then for the last half of the day there will be weekly Pickle Ball tournaments, team handball, soccer, and any other games that the coaches/kids can come up with.  

All Events will be located at McFarland Community Ice Arena. If the program fills up. More groups will be added and will be run out of Sun Prairie.

*July 4th week the Summer Edge program will take the week off. 

U6/U8 Skill Sessions

Tuesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm

Cost $90

6 total Sessions

Start Date: June 25th

End Date August 6th

*July 3rd No ice


Co-ed Summer Edge Training Program

7 Week Training Program

                                                   Age Groups 2015-2010

Start Date: June 24th

End Date: August 15th

Camp Days: Mondays-Thursdays (Twice a week)

Drop Off Time 8:00am

Pick Up Time 4:00pm

*July 4th week there are no skates.



12 Day Camps (36 hours of ice time)

2 Half Day Camps 

21 Night Skill Sessions

If you take advantage of the ice time available. It breaks down to $14-$16 an hour for ice time.

Camp Days

2015-2013 Mondays & Thursdays

2012-2010 Tuesdays & Wednesdays


Focus points....

Creativity | Creating Time & Space | Puck Possession | Platform Skills | Passing & Shooting Lanes | Decision Making | Small Area Skating | Contact | Offensive & Defensive Net Front | Scoring | Constraint Games


Focus Points...

Quickness | Small Area Movement | Lateral Crossovers | Linear Crossovers | Toecap Movement | Explosive movements | Style Specific Turns | Resistance Training


Focus Points....

Board Play | Net Front | Body Positioning | Competitive Choices | Problem Solving | Ice Presence 


We generally do not give any discounts for missed time. The price is for the Edge Program is set at a point where kids can take a break if needed, or go on a few weeks of vacation. Even with the missed time away from the program. It is still considered a value comparatively speaking to other camps around the Midwest. If you have any questions in regards to the discounts feel free to email