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Day 1: HF Homeschool

By Blick, 03/19/20, 7:00AM CDT



Workout Explanations

Make sure you click on the tabs below for the Reps and Sets along with the instructional videos!

Coach Rex Workout Plans

Hockey Drill #1

This stickhandling drill from Coach Ryan is trying to increase skaters hand-eye coordination along with hand speed. 

Items needed: Golf Balls and a hard wall to bounce off of. Anything concrete works great for this drill.

Hockey Drill #2

 Toe Drags 

Here are a few drills to work on your hands (quick heel/toe, front reach and side reach) staying on your forehand and rolling wrist.

Thanks to Coach Doug at DB Hockey Academy

Homeschool Challenge

Skaters: Upload your videos to Instagram or Twitter using the following hashtag #HFhomeschool

To the skater that is able to juggle the most consecutively will win a Hockey Factory Jersey!

General Disclaimer

Prior to any exercise or posting of videos please read our General Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on the Hockey Factory Homeschool mainpage.  

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