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Day 6: HF Homeschool

By Ryan Blick, 03/24/20, 7:00AM CDT


Super Tuesday


Make sure you click on the tabs below for the Reps and Sets along with the instructional videos!


Hockey Drill #1

Items Needed:  Stickhandling ball and two sticks.

Drill 1:

10 Sets- 1 Minute Work/30 Seconds Rest is 1 set

Hockey Drill #2

Items Needed:  2 People, 1 Caller, and a object to grab (cone, 20oz soda bottle, or tall plastic cup

Drill 1:

Players stand in a crouch position (ready squat). The Caller will yell out a series of instructions like head, knee, ankle, shoulder, toes or elbows. After a series of "calls", the Caller will yell "go". When the caller yells go both skaters try to grab the object. Once 1 skater has the object they try to run to a line 10 feet behind them before getting tagged by the opposite skater. 

Hockey Drill #3

Items Needed:  Stickhandling ball and 5 Pucks/Stationary Objects

Drill 1: Backhand 

10 Sets: 1 Minute Work/30 Second Rest

Drill 2: Forehand

10 Sets: 1 Minute Work/30 Second Rest


Due Date: Sunday, March 29th at 6:00pm

Items Needed: Stickhandling Ball and Five Gallon Bucket

Challenge: Put the ball in the bucket as many times as you can in 1 minute! Enter your videos using Hashtag #HFHomeschool on Twitter or Instagram. Please note you can only use 1 ball for this challenge. 

Leader Board:

Coach Ryan: 9

Oliver B: 6

Brodie M: 6


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