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Day 68: HF Homeschool

By Ryan Blick, 05/25/20, 4:00AM CDT


Closing Time


Watch these videos and read our closing remarks. Then go outside and do something other than hockey!

Coach Rex

Coach Grant

Coach Blick

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to train with us over this unique time period. If it was for 1 day, 20 days or the entire time we enjoyed making content for everyone. Thank you to all of the coaches and hockey schools that donated content over this time. It surely kept us busy and we hope it gave you a little escape to a great place playing a sport you love. 

In Closing remember these things

  • Only you can make yourself better. You don't need the best coaches, trainers or teammates. If you want it bad enough then work for it. 
  • Take time off to enjoy the sport. It's a long journey so take some (or a lot) of time and be a kid. Play outside, play with you friends but clear your mind every once in a while from hockey
  • Play the sport for as long as you can. It ends one day and you'll miss every day thereafter.