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Coaching Tryouts

By Ryan Blick, 03/25/22, 10:15PM CDT


5 Things...

Coaching Tryouts

  1. What we thought we know is not what we now know. Do not let preconceived thoughts, perceptions,  or opinions dictate decisions you make.  Kids change so much as a skaters that you owe it to skater to take what you see at face value and then ask questions.
  2. Simple is better. There is no need to complicate the processes of tryouts by running the skaters through complex drills that require a high degree of understanding. We need skaters to be relaxed and confident in order to showcase their abilities not second guessing themselves in they are doing the drills correctly. Tryouts are not the time to showcase the coaches abilities as a instructor.
  3. Never split kids up at tryouts by talent level. It's great to create evenly matched teams that pit "like ability" skaters against each other but not at the expense of alienating a group of skaters who may not be at the level of your future team. Kids are incredibly aware (as are parents) that when we create a top and bottom group of skaters on the ice that cuts are being made and no skater should have to endure that. 
  4. Never post/announce a team during school hours. Technology     has many benefits for tryouts but this is not one of them. Kids have access to the internet and email during the school day and if a skater doesn't make a team who is there to support that skater? 
  5. Over communicate before tryouts to parents. Skaters are nervous for tryouts and so are parents. We can alievate some of the parental nerves if simple questions can be answered. Here are a few...
  • What is check in like?
  • When will we be notified on who makes the team?
  • Who the coaches are? 
  • When the tryouts are? May seem ridiculous but always good to hear again
  • Tentative cost of team
  • Tentative practices & games