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Hockey Factory FDL Compete Camps

By Blick, 11/30/22, 10:45AM CST


Summer Elite Training


The Hockey Factory is pleased to announce a new program for our summer skaters called Summer Compete Camps.  Our Compete Camps incorporates four different focal points to prep your skater for the upcoming season: Compete Off Ice Training, Compete Skating, Compete Skills, and Compete Games. 

Summer Compete Camp Information

Dates, Times, and locations


Hockey players develop best in situations where they have to make constant decisions in changing environments. Our camps don't use drills will predetermined routes, decisions or outcomes. 

Our Compete Camps do the following.

Transfer your skaters technical abilities to a game | Enhanced decision making | Ability to problem solve | Promote creativity | Confidence in game situations  | Recognizing patterns for Hockey IQ | Embrace chaotic situations on the ice | Understand competitive contact | Creating Time & Space | Puck Possession | Passing & Shooting Lanes | Offensive & Defensive Net Front | Scoring | Puck Support | Defensive Puck Support

Good players are good at going around cones. Great skaters are good at going around the opposition.

Compete Off Ice Training

Focus points....

Force Production | Quickness | Power Delivery | Endurance | Intensity | Acceleration | Recovery | Speed 

Compete Skating

Focus Points...

Quickness | Small Area Movement | Lateral Crossovers | Linear Crossovers | Toecap Movement | Explosive movements | Style Specific Turns | Resistance Training

Compete Games

Focus Points....

Creativity | Self Learning | Free Play | Exploring strengths & weaknesses | Stressed Environments | Changing Outcomes | Chaotic Surroundings | Unpredictable Situations | Constant Decision Making | Situation Awareness | Spatial Recognition | Transitional Perception

Edge Skills

Click on link below for dates and times

Focus Points....

Board Play | Net Front | Body Positioning | Competitive Choices | Problem Solving | Ice Presence | Puck Possession | Passing routes | Shooting Routes