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Hockey Factory Fond du Lac Spring Team Programs

Hockey Factory Fond du Lac offers two exciting programs. We offer our stand alone AAA teams and our AA Alliance teams. 

Scroll down to check out the two programs and what they can offer your skater!

AAA Spring Teams

What are the Hockey Factory Spring Teams? The Hockey Factory Spring Teams are tryout based teams that participate in one full ice practice a week and participate in 1 to 3 tournaments. Tournaments locations are in WI, MN, MI, Or IL. Teams are picked by birth year at these levels. 

Available Birth Year Boys Teams: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009

Tryouts: Skaters participating on these teams will need to go through our Tryout Process

Available Birth Year Girls Teams: Girls U8, Girls U10, and Girls U12

What is the average cost?: Cost is tentatively b/w $600 and $750 

Length of the season? The season varies b/c of tournament but will start in March and end at the end of April or Mid-May. It varies by team.

Practices: All AAA Hockey Factory team practice as a team out of the Fond du Lac Blue Line Family Ice Center

Hockey Factory Edge Training: Included in the Hockey Factory Spring Fees in June Hockey Factory Edge Training. 

Click on the link to below to find out more about Edge Training:

AA Alliance Teams

Skaters born in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009

Alliance Structure

Squirt Alliance Structure: Our Alliance Squirt teams will be Hockey Factory Fond du Lac skaters only. We will form 2-3 teams at the Squirt level and teams will practice together on Monday evenings. Our goal is to offer any skater who wants to play an opportunity to participate. 

Pee Wee Alliance Structure: Our Alliance Pee Wee teams will be Hockey Factory Fond du Lac skaters only. We will form only two teams at this level,  a 2011 and 2012 team with a potential of a third team based on participation numbers. Practices will be Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. 

Bantam Alliance Structure: Our Alliance Bantam spring program is in collaboration with member organizations of Hockey Factory Fond du Lac , Hockey Factory Madison, and Northwoods Minocqua for the Bantam age group only. Our goal is to form 3 to 4 Bantam aged teams. Skaters who sign up to participate in the Hockey Factory Fond du Lac Bantam Alliance teams will practice on Monday evenings. 

Alliance Levels

The goal for our Alliance teams will host teams at the AA and A levels so that skaters can attend proper ability based tournaments. The birthyear for each division is below. 

Squirt: 2015-2013

Pee Wee: 2012 & 2011

Bantam: 2010 & 2009

Team Selection:

Squirt skaters will sign up and be placed on an ability based teams with other Hockey Factory Fond du Lac skaters based on their tryout or evaluation performances.  

Pee Wee skaters will sign up to participate on either our 2011 and 2012 teams with the potential to form a third team if numbers are there to form a third team. 

Practice Locations: (Bantam age only)

Skaters attend their local programs practice slots and can even attend other members Alliance practices. Each Alliance practice is structured on developing individual skills run by  a Hockey Factory specialist. Prior to attending their first tournament, the Alliance teams will participate in a team camp weekend to have a weekend of team building practices.  


Team Practices will be held prior to the first tournament weekend.


Teams can participate in the tournaments below...

Hockey Factory Tournaments: Spring AA Shootout

My Hockey Tournaments: Chicago Spring Classic

My Hockey Tournaments: Windy City Classic

Ultimate Tournaments: Deep Dish Pizza

Ultimate Tournaments: Chicago Hotdog

Showcase Tournament Series: Shock Doctor, Independent Classic and others...

Hockey Factory FDL Futures

Skaters born in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018


Our Hockey Factory Futures program is a fun and exciting clinic that is designed for the young and aspiring mite aged player. These clinics are designed to include skating, puck possession, shooting and constraint games! Our on ice sessions will consist of skill based stations that constantly keep our young skater engaged.

A portion of our clinic will focus on skating.  Players will be introduced to proper stance, balance, and stride techniques while also working on their inside and outside edges. 

Our Futures program also spends time focusing on puck possession which includes, stickhandling, deception, hand placement, and body positioning.  

 The biggest area for our Futures program is our constraint game program which finds way to handicap and challenge skaters in fun competitive small area games. We believe in skaters learning skills through competition