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Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac Summer Programs

Hockey Factory has three different programs for your skaters to improve their skills over the summer. Each one distinct in it's own way to make sure you skater gets want they need and want!

Spring Invite Prep Skates

Skates geared towards Tier I skaters looking to take their game to the next level. 

The age groups are '09/'10 and '08/'07

Summer Edge Training

The Hockey Factory is pleased to announce a new program for our summer skaters called Edge Training.  Our Edge Training incorporates four different programs: Edge Day Training, Edge Power Skating, Edge Skills and Edge Open Ice. Skaters who enroll in our June & July/August Edge Program can attend any and all of the four programs that is age appropriate. Think of our Edge program as a membership where your skater can enjoy as many of the classes as possible.   

Summer High School Training

The Hockey Factory Edge High School Training is a summer athletic program aimed at the individual development of hockey players. We focus on individual development that players need to succeed at the team game. This is functional athletic hockey training at its finest for youth hockey players. Our practices focus on having high end players consistently compete against one another.

High School Edge Training Birth Years: 2008-2004

Summer Day Camps

Fond du Lac Summer Camps are half day or full camps geared towards younger skaters looking to improve their skills! Summer camps are made to take skaters our of their comfort zones teaching the new and innovated ways to improve their games!