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HF Homeschool


While school is out, come join our free at home workout programs, virtual workouts,  live Q&A's, challenges and drills. Stay connected to us each day through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

    Day 14: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 04/01/2020, 6:30am CDT

    Razzle Dazzle

    Day 13: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 03/31/2020, 6:30am CDT

    Popping off

    Day 12: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 03/30/2020, 6:45am CDT

    Starting the week...

    Day 11: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan 03/29/2020, 6:45am CDT

    Sunday Funday #2

    Day 10: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 03/28/2020, 6:45am CDT

    No rest...

    Views From the Bench

    By Ryan Blick 03/27/2020, 8:15pm CDT

    Facebook Live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon!

    Day 9: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 03/27/2020, 6:45am CDT

    Almost to the weekend

    Day 8: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 03/26/2020, 6:45am CDT


    Day 7: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 03/25/2020, 6:30am CDT

    A Working Wednesday

    Day 6: HF Homeschool

    By Ryan Blick 03/24/2020, 7:00am CDT

    Super Tuesday

    Views From The Bench

    Q&A's with some of Wisconsin best coaching minds!


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